Monday, 12 September 2016


Everything that I am is because am Human.
my pains.
my laughs.
my cries.
my fears.
my joys.
its all because am human.
its these little beautiful ingredients that make me who I am.
because I respect humanity enough. Its what makes me who I am. Am proud of that. Am proud to be human. Am proud to be the weakest but also to be the strongest. Everything I am is because God designed me like that. To be CEO of me.

given circumstances, at first, we panic. Then it becomes routine. So we adjust to the new surrounding. Its what makes us human. That's why we are the strongest of species.

we have seen hunger
we survived it
we have seen death
we survived it
we have seen pain
we survived it
we have seen suffering
we survived it
we have seen laughter
we shared it
we have seen love
we are living in it
we have seen joy
we celebrated in it
we have seen beauty
we have experienced it
we are human.
respect humanity.

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